This blog is intended to be a disorganised outpouring of opinions, observations and general ranting. The content will be loosely related to Agile and Scrum. A mix of coaching, retrospective summaries, challenges and even the occasional solution to a problem I have faced.

About me:

I am an Agile Coach and former Scrum Master, currently working for Asynchrony Labs  which is a division of WWT World Wide Technology Inc. assisting with their development teams and organisation,  improving the way they work.

I have over 20 years software development experience, working in the UK and the USA. I have been a software developer,  I have managed software departments and more recently I have been an Agile Coach and Scrum Master. I have been involved in creating software for telecoms, air traffic control, law enforcement, industrial automation, the patent office and the Admiralty. Each was a different challenge.

I have a wonderful wife and four fantastic children. I have learnt that in life and in my work there is always more to learn and there are always opportunities to do better, although at times I feel like I am herding cats, or wading through treacle.

As an Agile Coach I am the happiest I have been in my career,  I have found a niche where my skills and personality complement the job at hand. My goal is to improve the teams I work with and there is a huge amount of job satisfaction seeing them grow.


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