Odd requests

Busy week this week so I have not had opportunity to finish my notes on the Product Owner role, but I’ll come back to that soon.

But I thought I’d do a quick post about some of the odd requests you get as a Scrum Master. A couple of the team have been asking for alternative ways of updating the task board. Post its are not sticking well enough and one or two fall off (post it branded ones) if I use the unbranded ones they all fall off overnight. Index cards and blue tac is a pain.

One of the team suggested magnetic index cards. I did some research and didn’t find anything suitable. But then I found a place where you could have postcard sized fridge magnets designed and printed. They looked just the thing, so I spent my Friday evening designing fridge magnets that resemble index cards and ordering a few packs. The printers will think I’m crazy no doubt. My wife certainly thinks I’m odd – spending my Friday evening making coloured index cards.

I’ll post again when they arrive.

Task PostCard

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